Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beekeeping from the Beginning

To give a background on me and what I hope to develop this blog into I will start with:

My name is Daniel and I recently joined Brushy Mountain Bee Farm's team. I have to admit, before I was employed at the Bee Farm, I had no idea what beekeeping consisted of. After reading through catalogs and checking into books, and yes I did read Beekeeping for Dummies, I felt like I had a grasp on what it would to be a beekeeper. After being employed for a month and a half I felt like it was in my best interest to go beyond the books and see what the hype was all about.

This is going to be a blog about Beekeeping from the Beginning. I am starting my first beehive, with no experience at all, and through my blog postings I hope you the reader will gain some insight through any problems that I might run into.

Starting from the very beginning: I placed an order for my Bee Package. I had the option of purchasing a NUC (nucleus hive) that would give me five drawn frames, an already laying queen and a NUC box if I ever needed it for future use. I skipped out on the NUC and went with a package instead because I wanted to start at square one. With my package of bees ordered and ready for pickup at the end of March, I need to get my hive setup before they come.
English Garden Bee-Ginner's Kit
Materials List:

  • English Garden 8-Frame Bee-Ginner's Kit 
    • Inner Cover
    • Copper Top
    • 2 Medium Depth Cypress Supers
    • 16 Grooved top/bottom Medium Frames
    • I.P.M. Bottom Board
    • 16 Sheets 'no hook' Crimp Wire Foundation
    • Hatless Veil
    • Plastic Gloves
    • Brushy Mountain Smoker with fuel
    • Bee Brush
    • Hive Tool
    • Plastic Entrance Feeder
    • Beginner's Book
    • Instructional DVD
  • White Paint and Paint Brush (purchased at Lowe's)