Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Installing My Package

My Package of Bees
On March 28th I picked up my package of bees from Brushy Mountain Bee Farm. I had watched an instructional video and read information on installing a package but holding my package, with hundreds of bees, made me a little nervous. The day was looking great and I had my hive ready... it was time to install my package.

Before I brought out my bees I wanted to double check and make sure that I had everything prepared for the installation ( I would hate to be pouring out my bees and forget something at the house). Double checked my equipment: spray bottle with sugar water mix, hive tool, rubber bands (3), protective clothing and the cell phone in case I needed to call someone. For the other newbies that are installing their packages I would check out the Brushy Mountain Video first to make sure you have all the steps down and feel comfortable during the process.

Spraying Down My Bees

Brought out my package and began spraying the bees down with sugar water. They fall so nicely when you bump them against your hive. Removed the feeder can and the queen; she looked pretty and all the attendance were alive as well. Gave one last spraying, took a deep breath and removed the wood plank covering the hole.  Now I braved the installation by only wearing  a veil with no gloves or jacket (again it was a nice day out) so when I started pouring hundreds of bees into my hive and they started buzzing around me, a cold chill ran straight up my back. I was ready to close up shop and get out of there but , with the reference video in mind, I took a deep breath and slowly lowered my frames back into the hive.

Successful Installation

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