Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Adding Another Brood Chamber

Before I stepped into managing my bee hive, I read books and watched videos. There was a lot of good information out there and some great demos but I can now see how hard it could be to capture every aspect of beekeeping. I'm sure that at some point I had read about this or seen photos describing it, but when I went out to my bee hive to add an additional brood chamber, I had noticed some weird formations in the comb that was being drawn out.

Photo By: Chris Bednarek

I saw that the drawn comb was forming specifically where my frames were spaced further apart and no where else. I was hesitant about pulling out the frame because they had attached the comb to the opposite frame.
I began removing the frames from the edge, working my way toward the gaped frames. Using my hive tool, I scraped the comb off from one of the frames. I knew that removing the frame would tear out the comb from the other, but it had to be done. Once the frame was removed, I was able to pull off the excess comb so that the frames could be properly set within my hive body.

Just another learning experience from a newbie.

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